Kent Hovind Seminar

Did you know that the question of the origin of a strong effect on your life?It largely determines your actions, goals and even dreams, imperceptibly shaping your views and opinions. He participated in about who you are today, and affects your future. Despite its importance, it is often ignored.

Where I come from and what I live on this earth? How did it start?Whether real God who created everything? Death – it’s the destination? What matters in life? Where to devote their time, talents and resources? Our life is a reflection of our answers to these and other issues related to the origin. Our views on creation and evolution underpinto understand life and our place in it for the relationship to the Bible and its truthfulness. The question of origin, thus, is the key to all human thought. Without it, you can not understand the meaning of our existence.

Today the evolution theory presented as historical fact. It is in the textbooks of schools, colleges and universities, and affects virtually all modern education. From the earliest years of schoolingChildren are taught that evolution is a scientific fact, and that we – just kind of animals that have evolved by chance over millions of years. Scripture also states that God created the first heaven and earth, supernaturally created animals, plants and fish to breed after their kind, and created the first humans came from and where all other people.

Kent Hovind 1 of 7 Age of the Earth

Whether there was on earth evolution from bacteria to human life was created or the Creator?

These questions are answered Kent Hovind in his seminar:



Kent Hovind Seminar Part 1: “Age of the Earth”
Kent Hovind is a six-day creation, scientific evidence disproves the hypothesis of the Earth and that Earth and all living things evolved over billions of years. You will learn the scientific way of determining the age of the Earth and make sure that she was only about six thousand years. This part of the workshop reveals the bankruptcy of the big bang theory and shows that the theory of macroevolution is based on faith, not science.
Kent Hovind Seminar Part 2: “The Garden of Eden”
This part of the workshop describes the earth before the flood. You will learn about misinterpretations first chapters of the Bible (and the gap period, theories of the day). Dr. Hovind explains in detail the possible existence of pre-flood water shell around the Earth, why do people live to 900 years, why now have numerous human remains up to 4 meters, and why plants animals before the flood were much larger than in our time.
Kent Hovind Seminar Part 3: “Dinosaurs and the Bible”
Over the years, some thought the existence of dinosaurs contradict creation described in the Bible. In this part of the seminar Dr. Hovind us through the mention of dinosaurs in the Bible and world history will show photographs of the bodies of dinosaurs, fish caught or stranded. Also, your attention will be submitted to interviews with people who claim to have seen living dinosaurs with their own eyes.
Kent Hovind Seminar Part 4: “Fraud in the textbooks”
Textbooks are full of deceit in public schools in order to convince students that evolution is true. In this part of the workshop you will see the familiar from school days “evidence of evolution,” which are basically all the errors found, and some were even counterfeit. Why, on this “evidence” we still teach our children? Is it because of other evidence that this theory, no? This is a very important part of the workshop, it should look at every student, parent and employee in the education system.
Семинар Кента Ховинда: Часть 5 “The danger of the theory of evolution”
In this part of the seminar Dr. Hovind reveals a terrible effect of philosophy called “evolution” throughout history. Giving examples of evolution based on these flows, such as racism, communism, Nazism, he shows inhumane acts that were made by its supporters in the fight for survival ‘preferred races “but also reveals the efforts they have made for a new world order today.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 6 “Ice Age”
Amazing facts Flood and the Ice Age. “Theory of Hovind” involves scientific observation and the Scriptures, explaining where did the amount of water to flood the entire earth during the flood, what is the ice age, explains the formation of coal, oil, and mountain ranges. Hovind answers the physical abnormalities that are not joined to the theory of evolution and which can not be explained by evolutionary geologists.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 7: “Questions and Answers”
This part of the workshop includes topics such as: the ability to see the stars at a distance of billions of light years away, red shift, carbon dating, was a primitive early man, global warming, the evolution of theology, the Bible has reached our days, cloning, UFOs, the mark of the beast vitamin B17, and more. Kent Hovind also discusses the “mark of the beast” and suggestive contradictions in the Bible.


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