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Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 1 “Age of the Earth”
Kent Hovind is scientific evidence of a six-day creation of the Earth and refutes the assumption that the Earth and all living have evolved over billions of years. You will learn the scientific way of determining the age of the Earth and make sure that it is only about six thousand years. This part of the seminar reveals the failure of the big bang theory and shows that the theory of macroevolution is based on faith, not on science.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 2 “Garden of Eden”
This part of the workshop describes the Earth before the flood. You will learn about the misinterpretation of the first chapters of the Bible (the gap theory and the period of the day). Dr. Hovind explains in detail the possible existence of antediluvian shell of water around the Earth, why people live to 900 years, why now are numerous remains of people up to 4 meters, why plants and animals before the flood were much larger than today.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 3 “Dinosaurs and the Bible”
Over the years, some thought the existence of dinosaurs is contrary to the creation described in the Bible. In this part of the seminar Dr. Hovind hold us mention of dinosaurs in the Bible and the history of the world, will show photographs of the bodies of dinosaurs caught or stranded. Also, your attention will be presented interviews with people who claim to have seen living dinosaurs with their own eyes.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 4 “Cheating in textbooks”
Tutorials public schools are full of deceit to convince students that evolution is true. In this part of the seminar, you will see the familiar from school “evidence for evolution”, which are basically all admit mistakes, and some are even forgeries. Why on this “evidence” we still teach our children? Is it because of other evidence for this theory is not? This is a very important part of the seminar, it should look at each student, parent and employee in the education system.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 5 “Risk theory of evolution”
In this part of the seminar Dr. Hovind reveals the terrible effect of the philosophy called “evolution” throughout history. Giving examples based on the evolution of such flows as racism, communism, Nazism, it shows the inhuman acts that have been made by its supporters in the struggle for survival “privileged race” and reveals the efforts they are making to establish a new world order today.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 6 “Ice Age”
Amazing Facts Potap and Ice Age. “Hovind Theory” includes scientific observations and Scriptures, explaining where did all the water to flood the entire earth during the flood, which is an ice age, explains the formation of coal, oil, and mountain ranges. Hovind gives answers to the physical anomalies that are not joined to the theory of evolution and are unable to explain the evolutionary geologists.
Kent Hovind Seminar: Part 7 “Questions and Answers”
This part of the workshop includes topics such as: the ability to see the stars at a distance of billions of light-years, redshift, dating carbon, whether ancient man primitive, global warming, theological evolution, the Bible has reached our days, cloning, UFOs, mark of the beast, vitamin B17, and much more. Kent Hovind also discusses the “mark of the beast” and alleged contradictions in the Bible.
Kent Hovind Seminar “Leviathan – a fire-breathing dragon”
The fire-breathing leviathan, which is referred to in 40 and 41 chapters of the book of Job, raises many questions. What kind of animal is a leviathan? How can it breathe fire? Watch this seminar, you will learn how the Bible shows an example of the leviathan that is the biggest problem in most people’s lives.

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